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Review When the menace known as the Joker wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham, Batman must accept one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of his ability to fight injustice

directed by Christopher Nolan

Writer Jonathan Nolan

user ratings 9 of 10 Star

release year 2008



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Im a huge marvel fan, but this was EVERYTHING for me! Amazing till this day. I didnt know Cam Wake was in this movie. 0:44 that's why some people started hating on cops. Did Hans Zimmer take inspiration from Hommage a Rameau at 16:47. The dark knight watch full free hd online. The dark knight watch australia. The dark knight watch for free. There's only been one captain america Yeah no there was one LONG before the mcu. 1:12 ' Why so serious. Some of the prettiest women in music are right here. <3. The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight watching.

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I think The dark Knight is more similiar to james bond movie or Mission impossible, it is well written and well scripted, the film is something we are all looking for it's a hero we can touch and feel, but also there is no green screen.

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The dark knight watch online. The dark knight watch the world burn. This movie deserved AN Oscar candidation for best soundtrack. The dark knight watch online putlocker. The Dark Knight watch blog. The dark knight watch for free full movie. Joker: sees Batmobile destroy the garbage truck hmm. The dark knight watch. The dark knight watch now. 47:02 Song. I love that the music starts when the batpod ejects. The dark knight watch online english sub.

0:58 to 1:05 imagine running on the street late night with a cape on, and on this theme song. you'd feel so badass. Amazing feels like Batman and Joked are going to drop in out of the darkness. I just noticed now, that the left side wheel attaches itself to the bike during the ejection. 0:15 Can't believe I never noticed that before, saw the movie about 5 times.

The Dark Knight watch online. 1:39 joker having the time of his life... Best thing about this scene is no use of music. 2:44. One Hulk, one War M Oh wait. The Dark Knight watchers. Its terrifying how he tells a different story to every person on how he got his scars. If Heath Ledger was still alive, this would have been The Joker's theme in The Dark Knight Rises. The reason why dark knight is the supreme superhero movie is because they have God; not god like Thor, but God. The protagonist is boring, his Batman voice makes it impossible to take him seriously, he kills two people despite his no-killing rule being a major plot point, the villain makes no sense, the plot is riddled with holes big enough to see from orbit, and the action and editing are objectively terrible, to the point that basic spatial consistency does not exist. But worst of all, the film promotes a clear authoritarian message, with the protagonist indulging in torture, mass surveillance, and openly admitting that lying to the people is a-okay.
The only good things about the film are the music and Ledger's entertaining performance.
There is no defending this film. Do not even try.

Simply the best depiction of batman. Christopher nolan is undoubtedly one of greats combinig that with christan bale and heath ledger and gary oldman u get a miracle. 2008: How about a magic trick? 2019: How about another joke Murray. The dark knight watchmojo. 2:08 Thanks, Captain Obvious. Dc film With joker: 😄 Without:😵 dont count jared letos cause that was not joker... i dont know what that is.

After all them years of pain, suffering and heartbreak. Bruce and Alfred can finally have a happy ending. Im still shocked that Joaquin Phoenix didnt say “why so serious?”, as the joker. It would have been a nice nod to Heath if anything. The Dark Knight watches. The dark knight watch order. It appears that The Dark Knight, like Casino Royale, is one of those films that fanboys go overboard for. It's okay. I enjoyed it, but it does seem like we're going over the same old ground. Here's the Joker again, played early on in the game as usual. Will any of the later villains be as entertaining? Probably not.
Hedger is good but there's no glee or joy in his villainy. Still, you get many different interpretations of Hamlet I guess.
The allegory for the war on terror seems hamfisted and is the spin to make this Batman movie a bit different to the usual, to stop it going through the motions. I'm not sure if having Hong Kong in the film helps - shouldn't Gotham be a self-enclosed city, in a parallel universe? It's like Batman referring to Ted Bundy in Batman Returns – should he know about that?
I find Nolan to be a charmless director, though he has good intentions. The visual flair imperative for a comic book adaptation isn't there and The Dark Knight, while enjoyable, is too heavygoing for my tastes.
Then again, if you want to replicate the experience of buying your weekly comic from the newsagents, comic book heroes are better as weekly episodes on the telly. An update of Batman in a long-running series like The Wire would allow one to get involved in the various relationships between Wayne, his babe (Waynetta? and Harvey Dent. As it is, even with a long running time, it gets a bit shoehorned in. Nolan would be better with a serial.

Once you see the later scene where hes making up a completely different story, you see the genius behind this moment. Nolan took the “multiple choice past” quote from The Killing Joke and gave it his own unique spin. The Dark Knight watch tv.



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